Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fabirc Appliques!

I am currently in love with fabric applique!

I have learned what a fun tool, or technique wonder under can be!! I have made a few t-shirts with my girls intials on it and it is the birthday party gift de jour- or season. I have been finding more and more creative ideas on Etsy or other people's creative blogs and want to keep trying! I have a baby shower to attend this weekend for my hubbie's cousin- she is a great girl- she and her sisters have been the best and I can't wait to show them the fun things I have made for the new baby and also the exsisting kiddos!!

Summer is here and most of this unfortunate rainy day was spent printing out letters and shapes, cutting them out of a stack of ugly card stock I had and tracing them! This is what I have been up to... hopefully tomorrow I can show completed items!!

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