Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun Skirts

In my last post I talked about when projects don't work out- it is frustrating, but don't think for a second that I won't put some of that cute fabric to work!!

I had another project in the works- and I love how it turned out!! It is bandana skirts that I made for my sister's nieces! I love them! Her daughter has a matching green one, but I must have forgotten to take a picture! They are wearing them during a family reunion vacation.

I combined two tutorials to make the skirt to work for me. and

My bandannas came from Wal-Mart- they were in the teen accessories department and too cute. They just were a little too thin so I wanted to back them- I used muslin to make the inside layers and used the twirly skirt instructions to add the band and waistband. I think they turned out pretty well!

And my love of fabric applique came back to visit- matching t-shirts. I have extra material from that bandanna so I might make some hair clips too!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Some projects are just not meant to be!

Have you ever started a project and you are excited by it, can't wait to see the final product and when it is done... well it is not what you want and really isn't worth fixing? I bought pre-smocked fabric to make the super simple dresses for my girls. I thought this would be a fun, easy, quick project and something they could throw on all summer.

It didn't work out so well! First I don't know if I didn't cut the skirt part right or if I just decided I didn't like the fabric anymore but they will not be wearing them. They just didn't lay right on either girl- the skirt part was not roomy enough and their typically not white underwear would be seen right through. If it is a fun summer dress I don't think taking the time to pick out the perfect undies or finding a slip (not really but you get the point) should be required!

So the fabric- two fun versions of pink- perfect for many a baby gift to come I think! I wasn't completely wrong on its cuteness factor- just its use!!

Until the next one!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun Baby Gift!

I love to make things for others- and I love love love when the recipient understands "where" it comes from!! Above is a baby gift I made for my hubbie's cousin. She and her husband are big "preppies" if that would be the right word to use! I found the navy blue flannel a couple of years ago before they were even married and held on to it because it was so them!! This was a very fun gift to give!!

The small blanket finishes at approz 17 x 17- I used 6in blocks to make a 9 block square and backed with a super soft chenille. It is perfect size to go over the baby in the infant carrier! It can be easily a nice small lovely! I think I will have to make a bib for them too with the fabric.

The tie onesie t-shirt is an idea I have seen a few times and I love it!! In my previous post I talked about being in love with fabric applique- this is one of those items that was so fun to do!!
The hooded towel was an idea I saw on Make and Takes- this is a great blog that has some clever ideas for every level and age group. Here is the link I had tried a different style a few years ago and it didn't work out- these instructions were simple and straight forward, the end product turns out perfect!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fabirc Appliques!

I am currently in love with fabric applique!

I have learned what a fun tool, or technique wonder under can be!! I have made a few t-shirts with my girls intials on it and it is the birthday party gift de jour- or season. I have been finding more and more creative ideas on Etsy or other people's creative blogs and want to keep trying! I have a baby shower to attend this weekend for my hubbie's cousin- she is a great girl- she and her sisters have been the best and I can't wait to show them the fun things I have made for the new baby and also the exsisting kiddos!!

Summer is here and most of this unfortunate rainy day was spent printing out letters and shapes, cutting them out of a stack of ugly card stock I had and tracing them! This is what I have been up to... hopefully tomorrow I can show completed items!!

Threaded Thru- Stitching memories for you and those you love!