Saturday, February 6, 2010

Alphabet Squares

Every February my children's school has an event which each grade needs to put a basket together for auction. Being the loving parents we are if it is something clever the kids put there hands on, literally and figuratively, we may bid more on the item! I am the room mom for one of my preschooler's and took on the project for both classes. It is a very simple and easy quilt but did take some time!
There are 30 students between the 3 yr olds and 4 yr olds- sounds like the alphabet to me!! I used white muslin and fabric markers to get the children involved- one title square, 26 letters and a couple of numbers. I drew each of the numbers and letters to start. Each student was able to decorate a letter or number- many of them it is just scribbles, some were really creative, in the end, I thought it turned out great!
With the finished squares, I used my pinky shares on the edges, stitched them down on black and yellow fleece- school colors of course! Then fringed edges and tied them together- I think it turned out great and hopefully will have plenty of bidders!!

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