Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hppay New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!! It is 2010!!

I haven't really thought- or really I have thought but not seriously enough- about my resolutions or goals for the year! I think that my brain will start to focus when the kids go back to school on Monday! There is much I would like to do this year- I think writing them down is important and will help!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season!!!

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  1. Hey, I loved the 'at-home' boutique ideas with your friends! What a great way to sell some stuff and get your name out there. I love to sew also and have a small etsy shop where I sell my stuff. I found your link on MADE (love that site) and wanted to connect to other sewers out there like me! My site is if you wanna come visit me back!


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