Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I bought a New Machine!!!!

I have been wanting and talking about getting an embroidery machine for probably 7 years. Mind you, I have been sewing for seven and a half!!

Last week I finally bought one!! I had my instructional classes on the sewing portion this week! I was lucky to be the only student and learned so much!! I have my embroidery tutorial in two weeks!!

I can't wait to start sewing and embroidering on the new machine!! So much to learn and try!!


  1. Hey I just found you on the MADE by Dana site. What kind of embroidery machine did you buy. I have two no three. I have a brother P100 (cheap) a Babylock Ellageo (bought used) and a Babylock BMP6 (Big boy). carol

  2. Carol- I bought the Viking Topaz. I haven't been able to do much embroidery on it yet- but sewing on it has been a dream!


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