Friday, July 10, 2009

Estate Sale Find!

I am not a big one for garage/yard sales or even estate sales. I should be, there are treasures to be found, but I think a lot of times I will find something, know what can be made of it, and then never finish the said project. But every once and a while you can find just the thing, or a little something that can make you smile.

Recently I found a bounty of fun for $8!! No big ticket item you see- just a smattering of notions!
A case holding many spools of thread- a good handful of them fairly new. Two fun vintage patterns- they were a quarter each- how could I resist, even if I don't ever use them! And snaps and buttons- lots of buttons! That, need to find a fun glass jar to display all my buttons bag of buttons!!
I am sure that I can find some use for most of these things!! Now if I could just get my "sewing" room done!! I am trying to organize it- my forever comment, but I do have a designated space and I am trying to clean it out and make it more efficient- and pretty!!
I will have to post some befores and afters- even if those afters take a while!!

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  1. I saw that you recently started a crafting Blog too! You have some really cute stuff!! I would love for you to check out my new blog as well at
    Happy Crafting :o)


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